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Hello all, this is just a review for the Faded Coder shellcode hack.

Having used a variety of different hacks over my 10 year Counter-Strike “career”, I can say that this hack is excellent, excellent because it’s not blatant. When used correctly it can make you seem godly!
If you’re expecting a 360 hack whereby you can aimbot and headshot everyone, this is not for you.

This hack excels with it’s regular updates to avoid detection and updates with new features such as bomb carrier glow and panic button.

However, this hack is not without it’s flaws and is based solely on my opinion and experience with it.

The injector isn’t perfect, I have tried all suggestions based on previous questions – but sometimes it will not open my game until x number of tries. However, this is usually within the first 5 tries.
Bomb carrier alpha could be tweaked a little bit perhaps. The way I have my alpha set is so that the glow around my enemies is minimal – in that it appears natural on screen. With this particular alpha setting when the bomb carrier glows green, and when opponents are on low hp the glow surrounding is incredibly light and very hard to see.
The only other negative I can think of is perhaps the price of it – I’ve paid for the 1 month standard subscription which I believe is good value, however I find that $40 per month for the Unique build edition quite expensive. Having used other alternatives which provide similar detection avoiding capabilities $40 is quite high relative to the rest of the market. Whilst I am not saying it isn’t a good hack and well coded, I am simply saying that for me it isn’t worth $40 every month.

Overall I am quite happy with this product and would recommend it to others!


  1. you are right, im willing to pay for a good hack. but 40 dollars every month is indeed too expensive. did you btw got detected when you used the 20$ package?

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Staff March 16, 2015

Thank you for your honest feedback.
For the injector issue. We have switched to a new method of injection that is exceedingly more secure that our previous method.
It functions properly on computers that do not have overprotective anti-viruses or any third party applications that can interfere with it, such as my own.
I could revert the injection method backwards towards the more reliable method, however I do not believe that the convenience is worth greater than the security that we strive to provide.
The alpha issue with the bomb carrier and low health warning is not an issue with the alpha, but with the color selected.
We have chosen dark green and dark red as the colors for these features so that they are different, but will not interfere with anyone who selects regular green or regular red as their glow colors.
As a result, it is difficult to see these dark colors when the alpha is set below normal.
I will issue a new subscriber survey with alternative solutions to resolve these issues in due time.
For the price issue, it is a calculated cost that was not determined at random.
It encapsulates the 300 hour development time spent creating a metamorphic application from scratch.
This Unique Builder is unlike any other product available since it was created by us, with our opcode designs, and our dozens of features.
On top of length required describing security feature done, we will not disclose the specifics of how it functions to deter aiding anyone in their attempt to reverse engineer the builds.
Since our unique builds are not a simple packer or preexisting solution. The 300 hours we have invested in its development must be paid back in monthly subscriptions.
Without the subscribers, the investment would be failure and would dissuade us from developing additional security in the coming future.
Additionally, we have kept our subscriber count at a low rate by exposing our service in the bare minimum.
With a lower amount of subscribers, there is less risk of exposure to anti-cheat developers.
It also means less income to pay for the development of the cheat and the dedicated server we host it through.
We can either have a low price and a high subscriber count. Or a high price and a low subscriber count to reach the intended revenue quota.
Since we are security oriented service provider, we would gladly take the latter choice.

  1. See the work that you put into it is great but the only problem with this is the average person is not going to be willing to pay 40 a month. I have trouble believing that someone is willing to pay $40 a month for this cheat (it's a great cheat it's just not worth it). You will make much more money if you put all your effort into one package and lower the price to 25-30 dollars. If you can guarantee no detections for a $25 dollar hack you'll make a fortune. But for a $40 hack people will not return and continue to buy monthly subscriptions.
  2. admin Staff March 17, 2015
    @RedFish, many people have already switched to the Unique Build. As I listed before. A $25 USD product is only successful with a high number of subscribers.
  3. I was just going off my perspective. I won't be able to afford the Unique Build and I don't want to buy a hack that won't be updated.
  4. In regards to the price, I would much rather pay 50 dollars a month (the conversion turns out to $50 per month for my country) rather than buy several accounts risking a VAC ban.This is honestly the most unique build I'v ever encountered. In my personal opinion it is worth much more. I would gladly pay whatever they were asking.
  5. @CSMH i agree to u
  6. I agree tho I gotta say 20 USD a month for the standard one wich still is safe enough for the casual cheater/gamer like me is a very fine price:D

Dev’s/ Admin, thanks for taking your time to read my post – I completely understand your views on reaching your budgeted revenue etc. Naturally, as a consumer I will always want a lower price however 😉
Keep up the good work!


I agree with your feedback (including injections problems lol), it’s a wonderful cheat. BUT I can’t agree on the price point.
I do not agree at all with RedFish’s reaction.  
I think it’s hard for a coder to choose the business plan for a cheat. You need to take in consideration that what you really want : If you choose a cheap hack, then a lot of people will buy this hack, which evidently means the hack WILL be detected by VAC (we see how good they are when they focus on only 1 provider…).
But with an expensive cheat, maybe (just maybe) less people would buy the hack; and therefore, it could remain a long time undetected. It’s sad to say, but a popular cheat (no matter how good is the coder) is ALWAYS detected soon or later. History demonstrated us hundred of times.
Therefore, you can’t consider that a hack can be sell $20 a month AND guaranteed lifetime undetected 😉
I think a coder makes more money by creating an expensive hack BUT a undetected a long time (which means trusted customers). Just a thought, I never sold a cheat, right 😉
According to me, $40 a month is very cheap : As you correctly noticed, this hack is NOT meant for the “plebs”. I mean a new guy can’t just buy CS:GO, buy this hack and become a top player, NO. This hack requires a certain amount of skill, mooves and brained gameplay before. To me, this hack IS the true league hack (even though I don’t know if it’s detected on leagues lol), the kind of hack I haven’t seen since a long time.
I used a lot of products from different providers, and these last 2-3 years, you’ll agree with me, all we see is the casual cheat $9,99 a month, with 365 features and detected by VAC every 3 months. For many people, it’s not really a problem, they get detected, then create a new account and life goes on. But there is another kind of customers with another needs, and I hope admin knows that too :)
I’m saying it again, it’s only my opinion based on my experience, I’m just tired of “commercial” coders making factory cheats with no interest in the reliability of their own hacks nor customers themselves. Afterall, that depends on the coder choices. Whatever the coder choose (standard hack with a HUGE customer database or very private but expensive hack), he always can earn a lot of money :)

  1. Those are very good points, I guess it depends on what the end user requires the hack for.I wonder if the developers intend on developing this for league clients such as ESEA Anti-Cheat as well as FACEIT and other Anti-Cheat clients, and perhaps package this somehow - maybe even offering different cost packages to diversify their revenue streams possibly.
  2. I must agree with you. I'm not against different packages, and that's a very good idea I think. I truly hope this hack will one day be able to bypass ESEA and so on, but VAC is enough to me right now. And as far as I know, unlike VAC, these anti-cheats are advanced, they just don't scan build-id (or exe unique id or whatever...) with a database, like VAC does. [not sure, I just heard it was that way for VAC before] Maybe more difficult to bypass for a coder, but anyway, to me, fadedcoder should focus on how to bypass these AC and not adding more features (there are enough features I think)
  3. If it's usable on ESEA and all league client, 40USD/Month is cheap i think.

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