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Rarely do I actually give my opinion on a forum, but after much success and no signs of detection…I feel I owe it to this small team to credit them where credit is due. This hack is all you need, if you want to be taken seriously. I’m fairly new and achieved rank gold nova 3 after my first 10 competitive wins. This hack is undetectable, every time there’s an update, I notice either FadedCoder takes the hack down, or they update it before I even notice. They’re quick and punctual, and very reliable when it comes to your service. If you there;s an issue, they’ll give you extra time, if you have a question…they usually answer it within a day. 
It’s simple, don’t play like a raging cheater and you won’t be caught. Here’s some tips.
Keep your GLOW (wallhack) OFF. I don’t care how tempted you are…KEEP IT OFF. You’re gonna get overwatched, and reported…it’s simple.
Don’t ever aim close to corners while holding the triggerbot key, and if you do…use your real reflexes. That’s the beauty of this cheat, you choose when to use it.
Bind the key to your side mouse button. It works the best.
After you kill, try shooting a couple times. I dont really do this, but it helps if you’re being accused.
This cheat is great, and has helpped me immensely. I’m better than most people, and have been using this cheat for months, no issues.

  1. "Keep your GLOW (wallhack) OFF"Not if you know how to use it properly.Been using both functions,no OW bans
  2. true i just got over overwatched :( but no Vac on my acc yet.

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Nice review


If you use the Trigger too much you will eventually get OW’ed. I was blatantly triggering (testing it out) and got OW’ed after 4 games. You should use the wallhack to spot where the bomb is going and when you’re trying to clutch after plant. And trigger should be used maybe once per 5 rounds 


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